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Comfort, Confidence & Security: The E50 Stairlift

Having a home with multiple floors and/or steep staircases makes accessing it difficult, especially for aged residents. Ascending and descending the staircase for such people becomes a detriment to their health and well-being. They might need to relocate their bedroom to the ground floor or in some cases move homes themselves. This is unfortunate as one or two members of your family might miss out on the comforts and amenities of the top floors.

This is where a stairlift or a chairlift comes in as an alternate means of mobility. A stairlift comprises two components: a motorised track and a chair. The chair is fixed to the track and the motorised track carries the chair up and down the length of the staircase. A stairlift is especially useful for aged or injured family members and to future-proof your home when you reach old age.

International Award-Winning Stairlift Now In Kuching

Elite Elevators’ E50 stairlift is technologically supreme and comfortable. We’ve partnered with TK Access Solutions, the original inventors of the first stairlift 60+ years ago. Elite Elevators presents its most advanced stairlift offering to Malaysian homes: the E50. Engineered in Germany and manufactured at TK Home Solutions Srl in Pisa, Italy, the E50 stairlift is comfort personified. Operating on a never-seen-before technology, the patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology, the E50 is an award-winning stairlift.

The E50 is the most versatile stairlift in that it fits onto any kind of staircase, be it straight, steep or curved and as narrow as 610mm. The icing on top of the cake is that the E50 can be installed directly onto your staircase with no structural changes made. This means that the E50 can be installed within 24 hours.

Comfortable & Safe Stairlifts In Kuching

Prioritising comfort and safety above all else, the E50 is designed to offer a seating position that is the most natural and gentle. Additionally, it has seven layers of safety for maximum security of the passenger. The ASL technology works to offer a reliable combination of comfort and safety. Instead of facing the stairs and stopping at every landing, the ASL technology enables the E50 to swivel away from the stairs and operate in one fluid motion. All in all, the E50 is your aged family’s most treasured and reliable companion.


How much does a stairlift cost in Kuching?

Installing a stairlift in Kuching costs between RM 73,000 and RM 191,000, depending on the type, country of origin, number of floors, and any additional customisations. For more detailed pricing information, contact Elite Elevators at +60162996630.

Are there any structural modifications needed for installing a stairlift?

No, there are no structural modifications needed for installing a stairlift. As the name suggests, a stairlift is installed on your staircase and not your wall. This means no civil work or modifications are necessary.

Therefore, a stairlift is a safe option that is not only comfortable and safe but also economical. How is it economical? Well, it is way cheaper than regular home lifts and does not take up too much space.

Are stairlifts safe to use during power outages?

Yes, stairlifts are safe to use during power outages. Elite Elevators’ stairlift, the E50, is battery-operated which means even power outages cannot stop it from functioning as normal. For more information about the E50 stairlift from Elite Elevators, visit our website

What is the average energy consumption of a stairlift?

The average energy consumption of a stairlift is typically around 0.024 to 0.048 kWh per use, which is comparable to running a small household appliance like a light bulb or a laptop. When in standby mode, it uses about 20-30 watts, similar to the power consumption of a Wi-Fi router.

What is the contact address for Elite Elevators Stairlifts in Kuching?

The contact address for Elite Elevators Stairlifts in Kuching is Lot 34, Ground floor, Block 11, MTLD 34 Milan Square Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak. For appointments, call us at +60162996630.


BoonChong Tan

Very good after sale services and very professional in dealing with any queries arising from the Home Chairlift which I installed in my elderly parents home ! A very good product indeed with good safety record and that has given me a peace of mind and reassurance knowing that my parents will be safed and can travelling up and down there house independently!

sally wong

I am not used to writing reviews but I have to write this review because the stairlift is wonderful and has indeed made changes to my life. I was honestly pleasantly surprised. It has been very convenient to move up and down the stairs. Mr Muhsen, in particular, who helped me throughout the whole installation process, he was very efficient, attentive and helpful.

sooling lee

On behalf of company, we are quite satisfied with the professional services rendered, especially Rizz and Jesse, answering all our questions and queries with full patience and support given. On site training was provided for clear understanding on the lift function. We looking forward to after sales service which should be promising and reliable. Thanks a lots!


We have this lift installed at our apartment complex and I’ve hardly seen any elevator looking this good and loaded with so many features. I am really impressed with the functioning of this Elite elevator.


We have recently got an elevator installed by Elite Elevators for our home. The after-sales service is also top-notch.

‘We got an elevator because I was facing difficulties using the stairs due to knee pain. We wanted an elevator with a silent operation and we found it with you. Plus, your international manufacturing is what sealed the deal for us. The installation process was not only quick but also very professional.’

Mr Sukilan

‘I decided to install an elevator because I had two knee surgeries and wanted an easy way to access my home. When I was researching, I found many companies but none of their specs were as impressive as yours. The installation team did everything perfectly. Elite Elevators, you have done a fantastic job!’

Dr. Sharanjith Singh

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