Hydraulic lifts in Kuala Lumpur

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Superior Hydraulic Lifts In Kuala Lumpur

Enhanced and Superior Hydraulic lifts In Kuala Lumpur

Hydraulic lifts are one of the most common types of lifts you can find in both residences and commercial buildings. This is because a hydraulic lift is convenient, economical and pretty safe. Instead of ascending and descending via ropes, cables or chains, a hydraulic lift is manoeuvred with a hydraulic arm. This aspect makes the hydraulic lift the safest option, especially for private residences, as there is no possibility of the (non-existent) cables snapping resulting in the freefall of the home lift in the shaft. The hydraulic lift works on Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics and is power-efficient.

Since the operating drive uses oil/lubricants, the chances of oil leakage, dust/grease formation and dust and grease-related wear and tear are very high. Over time, you are left with a home lift that requires frequent maintenance, is noisy with jerky rides and is drastically obsolete and worn out.

Our Most Versatile Hydraulic Lift For Malaysian Residences

Elite Elevators has partnered with TK Access Home Solutions, Germany to bring premium home lifts to Kuala Lumpur. We have an experience centre in Kuala Lumpur and serve pan-Malaysia.

Elite Elevators’ hydraulic lift for homes, the E200, has completely revolutionised hydraulic lifts. Our most versatile offering, the E200 has been developed by our partner TK Access Solutions and manufactured at their specialist factory, TK Home Solutions, Srl in Pisa, Italy. The E200 runs on an enhanced hydraulic drive, engineered to remove the inconsistencies that a conventional hydraulic drive develops in the long run. Along with the patented Soft Start and Stop (SSS) device that is attached to the lift’s motor, this advanced drive enables the hydraulic lift to offer a smooth, silent and jerk-free ride.

Every component of the E200 is exclusively manufactured at our partner’s factory in Italy. This results in a cohesive manufacturing process that maintains the integrity of the lift’s components from the drive down to the bolts. This means that no oil leakage will occur in the E200. Therefore, there are no greasy, dusty, rusty or high-maintenance components.

Hydraulic Lift For Malaysian Residences

Hydraulic Lift For Malaysian Residences

The Most Low-Maintenance Hydraulic Lifts In Kuala Lumpur

Additionally, the E200 employs the patented Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology in its rails. This special feature employs materials that do not require lubrication. This eliminates the formation of dust, grease and its accompanying damage. Due to top-notch German engineering, the E200’s oil needs to be replaced only once in ten years. Taking into account everything that has been noted of the E200 so far, it is safe to say that it is the most low-maintenance hydraulic lift for residences.

The E200 is also the safest home lift as it has five emergency safety layers. It has been tested and certified for adhering to the highest safety and quality standards by TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS Standards and SIL 3. It has also been formulated following the European home safety codes machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. The E200 is made to measure according to the space available in your home. It does not require a pit, machine room or headroom. It can be installed outdoors as well. It comes with a shaft or without a shaft and is finalised at your discretion.


What is the cost of installing a hydraulic lift in Kuala Lumpur?

In Kuala Lumpur, a hydraulic lift costs between RM 1,31,710 to RM 3,92,438. This price factors the maximum number of stops, customisations, and shaft considerations. For a detailed breakdown of this range, contact Elite Elevators at +60162996630.

How long does it take to install a hydraulic lift in Kuala Lumpur?

It takes up to three days to install a hydraulic lift by Elite Elevators in Kuala Lumpur. This installation window reflects the time it takes to install the hydraulic lift and test it provided all civil work (if needed) is completed and the site is kept ready by the customer.

How often should hydraulic lifts be serviced to ensure safety?

Hydraulic lifts need to be serviced every month to ensure safety and maintain optimal working conditions. However, Elite Elevators’ hydraulic lifts are specifically designed to maintain your privacy. As a result, you only need to get your hydraulic lifts serviced every year. Additionally, our hydraulic oil needs to be replaced just once in ten years as opposed to every year in traditional hydraulic lifts.

Are hydraulic lifts suitable for residential use in Kuala Lumpur?

Yes, hydraulic lifts by Elite Elevators are suitable for residential use in Kuala Lumpur. They consume minimal electricity, are low-maintenance, and need no deep pit, machine room or headroom. This makes them perfect for residential use.

What customisation options are available for hydraulic lifts in Kuala Lumpur?

For hydraulic lifts in Kuala Lumpur, you can customise various elements such as cabin walls in glass, wood, or metal, designer or custom flooring, varied lighting options, handrails, and control panel designs. You can also personalise the number and type of doors and exterior colours to complement your interior design.


BoonChong Tan

Very good after sale services and very professional in dealing with any queries arising from the Home Chairlift which I installed in my elderly parents home ! A very good product indeed with good safety record and that has given me a peace of mind and reassurance knowing that my parents will be safed and can travelling up and down there house independently!

sally wong

I am not used to writing reviews but I have to write this review because the stairlift is wonderful and has indeed made changes to my life. I was honestly pleasantly surprised. It has been very convenient to move up and down the stairs. Mr Muhsen, in particular, who helped me throughout the whole installation process, he was very efficient, attentive and helpful.

sooling lee

On behalf of company, we are quite satisfied with the professional services rendered, especially Rizz and Jesse, answering all our questions and queries with full patience and support given. On site training was provided for clear understanding on the lift function. We looking forward to after sales service which should be promising and reliable. Thanks a lots!


We have this lift installed at our apartment complex and I’ve hardly seen any elevator looking this good and loaded with so many features. I am really impressed with the functioning of this Elite elevator.


We have recently got an elevator installed by Elite Elevators for our home. The after-sales service is also top-notch.

‘We got an elevator because I was facing difficulties using the stairs due to knee pain. We wanted an elevator with a silent operation and we found it with you. Plus, your international manufacturing is what sealed the deal for us. The installation process was not only quick but also very professional.’

Mr Sukilan

‘I decided to install an elevator because I had two knee surgeries and wanted an easy way to access my home. When I was researching, I found many companies but none of their specs were as impressive as yours. The installation team did everything perfectly. Elite Elevators, you have done a fantastic job!’

Dr. Sharanjith Singh

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