What Are The Home Lifts Prices in Malaysia?

About 20 years ago, home lifts inside your private residence were considered luxury items. Today, however, this scenario is quickly changing. One can even say that home lifts are now becoming a necessity for homes. A home lift does not come packaged standard in any aspect – there is a difference in drive, number of stops, market reputation, country of origin, safety and additional features. As a result, there is no fixed home lift price for any one brand.

But, there is a general price bracket we can review when purchasing home lifts. In Malaysia, home lifts price starts from RM 1,31,710 and can go up to RM 4,66,171. This number is dependent on several factors.

Let’s delve into what these factors are and how they alter the price of home lifts.

1. Country of Origin: The country of manufacture plays a crucial role in your home lift prices. Generally speaking, a home lift manufactured in a European country is going to be of the best quality. If you choose an Italian or German-manufactured home lift, then you can rest assured of its quality as these are the two countries where home elevator technology was invented and is presently being improved day by day. Naturally, this factor is going to influence your home lift price.

2. Drive Type: The drive of a home lift is what powers it, determining how it ultimately functions. Some drives are indeed made superior to others. So, if you want only the best drive, your home lift price will alter respectively.

3. The total number of stops: is nothing more than the total number of floors in your residence. Simply put, it is the number of stops your home lift must be programmed to make. Depending on the number of stops you require, whether less or more, your home lift price will change accordingly.

4. Add-Ons: Certain home lift brands have an additional range of features you can add to your home lift at an extra cost. Custom dimensions, custom interior design, additional doors, and safety features are a few of the customisations offered. These add-ons increase home lift prices.


What is the price of an Elite home lift?

Elite Elevators is a premium home lift company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. The company offers luxury stairlifts, home lifts and hydraulic lifts. Engineered in Germany and manufactured in Italy, their home lift range boasts safety certifications from TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 Certified QMS Standards and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 and compliance with European home safety codes EN 81-41 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. The home lifts price of Elite Elevators starts from RM 1,31,710 and goes up to RM 4,66,171.

What is the average home lift price in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the average price of home lifts lies between the RM 1,31,710 to RM 4,66,171 price range.

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