How Much Does A Good Home Elevator Cost In Malaysia?

Home elevators upgrade your home from a regular living space to modern and luxurious living quarters. There is no denying that a home elevator brings value to your life. From affording convenience, comfort and safety to modernising and future-proofing your home, home elevators are investments that reap rewards for decades. Since so much store is being put on them, it is necessary to install a home elevator that is of the highest quality and this is going to be reflected in its cost.
A good-quality home elevator from a reputed brand in Malaysia can cost RM 1,31,710 for basic models and can go up to RM 4,66,171 for luxury models. This price range is calculated based on many factors.

To make this easy to understand, we’ve curated a list of basic factors that influence the cost of your home elevator in Malaysia.

1. Type of Drive: The drive is the powerhouse of your home elevator and dictates its performance. There are many drives available in the market – hydraulic, traction, pneumatic, vacuum and cogbelt – each offering its own set of irreplaceable benefits. Some of these drives can be original creations from the brand while others can be basic and tried and tested drives. As a result, the drive you pick has a great effect on your home elevator cost.

2. Supporting Structure: An elevator is supported by either the walls surrounding it or by a custom structure known as a shaft. These shafts or load-bearing walls keep the elevator in one place and distribute the weight evenly. If you choose a home elevator with a shaft made by the manufacturer, your cost will increase. If you choose to construct your own load-bearing structure, your home elevator cost will decrease.

3. Number of Stops: The number of stops denotes the number of floors your home elevator will stop at. Some homes may require two stops while others might require five. Based on this aspect, your home elevator cost will either increase or decrease.

4. Customisations: Many home elevator brands offer customers the option of adding extra features such as custom interior design, extra safety features, custom dimensions and extra doors. Depending on the number of customisations you require, your home elevator cost will increase.


How much does an Elite home elevator cost in Malaysia?

Elite Elevators is a premium home elevator company in Malaysia. Our home elevators are imported from Italy and are of the highest international quality. We offer home elevators with different drives – hydraulic drive, ASL drive and CogBelt drive. Luxury, safety, energy efficiency, low maintenance and superior performance form the core of our home elevators. The cost of our home elevators starts from RM 1,31,710

To get a customised quote for your requirements, call us on (+60-3-2705 4171).

What is the stairlifts cost in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, a basic stairlift costs RM 1,31,710. On the other hand, if you prefer a luxury and imported stairlift, the cost starts from RM 1,31,710 and goes up to RM 4,66,171.

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