What Are The Best Hydraulic Lifts in Malaysia?

Hydraulic lifts are the most common type of lifts. Installed at both residences and public spaces, they are preferred for their versatility and safety. Hydraulic lifts get their name from the drive they operate on. The drive works on Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics and is a common mechanism in elevators, brakes and parking spaces.

Elite Elevators has the best hydraulic lifts in Malaysia. With our German partner, TK Access Solutions, we have introduced our hydraulic lift, the E200 in the Malaysian market. Let’s explore how the E200 hydraulic lift adds value to your life.

Here’s Why We Are The Best Stair Lift Company in Malaysia

Taking a lift supplier’s claim that their home lifts are safe at face value is not advisable. Instead, look for the following safety criteria that your lift supplier in Malaysia should comply with:

  • Enhanced Hydraulic Drive: E200’s hydraulic lift harnesses the might of the enhanced hydraulic drive. Conventional hydraulic drives deliver a bumpy, jerky, uneven landing and incur dust and grease-related damage over the years. The engineers at TK Access Solutions recognised this inevitable defect of the drive and devised a way to get rid of this defect. With the E200’s hydraulic drive, you can expect a smooth and even ride and a low-maintenance elevator system. This makes for a very pleasant and comfortable ride experience.
  • Energy-Efficiency: The E200 is the most energy-efficient hydraulic lift in the market. It consumes 0 kW during descent, 1.45 kW during ascent and works on a single-phase power supply. This puts the total power consumption of the E200 equivalent to a microwave oven or a half-ton air conditioning system. Simply put, the E200 consumes power just like any other household appliance.
  • Low-Maintenance: The E200 is equipped with the mechanisms and components that enable the lift to require low maintenance. The patented Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology present on the rails of the lift car repels dust and grease formation. This protects the structural integrity of the inner components, prolonging the life of hydraulic drive and reducing maintenance required. Another aspect that ensures low maintenance of the E200 is the frequency of hydraulic oil replacement. The E200 requires hydraulic oil replacement only once in 10 years. This is quite the feat as conventional hydraulic drives require oil replacement every year.

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