Customized Home Lifts in Malaysia

Customized Home Lifts in Malaysia


Elite Elevator is an elevator manufacturer specializing in residential elevators in Malaysia. Our company is committed to improving people’s understanding of Home Lift and works as hard as possible to provide the best solution for people’s daily lives in a safe and efficient way. Latest technology, genuine, convenient and low cost for maintenance and working. No lubrication required. Comfortable and smooth operation. Quick response to commands. You will understand the true meaning of “invisible silence” when the elevator is moving. Long service life, easy and safe operation and high reliability. Our life in the city has greatly improved and people are always looking for smart solutions, especially at home.

Residential Home Lifts are specially designed for the elderly disabled and kids at home to move comfortably and safely from their room to the living room, the kitchen and the garden. Move freely and without problems in your home with our elevators. We are proud to announce that our Home lifts in Malaysia use the latest Steel Belt drive system. With a longer life and less maintenance, the steel belt drive operates quietly compared to the normal steel cable drive system. With arrival in 2020, Elite Elevators is proud to launch TK Access Solutions most versatile household elevator, Altura Platinum, in the Malaysian market, powered by trustworthy TK Access Solutions hydraulic technology. With every home in mind, this elevator comes in a wide variety of sizes and designs. This home lift is flexible and can be used in a wide variety of environments. This recently launched home lift is available with its own patented metal shaft or can also be mounted in a brick shaft. Our elevator has so many functions, no need for machine room, only need single phase power supply, 100% imported from Italy and complies with European safety standards. No oil or lubrication required, 194 safety parameters and 14 unique patents as special properties for home elevators. With our extensive industry experience in this area, we are committed to offering high quality customized lifts in Malaysia.

Elite Elevators offers a wide variety of home lifts  for those who are finding solution for Mobility Issue and want to redefine luxury. In addition, Elite Elevators recently received the World’s Safest Home Elevator Award for designing elevators using standard and safety measures. Gearless Elite home elevators are perfect for bungalows, villas and other luxury homes. The elevators are adaptable and installed according to the available space without the need for a hole or room. These elevators come with two modern and classic options, choosing the options that adapt the cabin walls, lighting and floor to suit the customer’s needs. Additionally, geared elevators operate on a single power step with less noise and vibration. These elevators are designed with glass, stainless steel and wood cabin walls with wooden slats and a black lacquered frame. This lift is equipped with automatic sliding or folding doors and the operation is also easy to use. Enhance your home made with custom residential elevators in Malaysia.

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