Which Is The Best Stair Lift Company in Malaysia?

Stair lifts are the best replacement for staircases. This is particularly true for users who cannot safely and comfortably access the staircase due to injury, old age or physical disability. For such users, access to the upper levels of the home is completely cut off and they are forced to occupy the ground level of their home. In other cases, some are even forced to move out of their cherished home. This is where stair lifts come in. They afford safety, comfort, independence and confidence to users. It becomes vital, therefore, to choose a stair lift company in Malaysia that offers only top-notch and international standard stair lifts.

Elite Elevators is a luxury stair lift company in Malaysia. Thoughtfully engineered in Germany and meticulously designed and manufactured in Italy, our stair lift, the E50, offers unparalleled comfort, confidence and sophistication.

Here’s Why We Are The Best Stair Lift Company in Malaysia

Taking a lift supplier’s claim that their home lifts are safe at face value is not advisable. Instead, look for the following safety criteria that your lift supplier in Malaysia should comply with:

  • Patented ASL Drive: The patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology has completely transformed the way conventional stair lifts operate. An original invention by our partner, TK Access Solutions, the ASL drive has done away with the uncomfortable ride experience that is a mainstay of conventional stair lifts. A common feature of conventional stair lifts is that they halt, readjust and restart at every twist, turn and landing in your staircase. This makes the entire journey uncomfortable, lengthy and unsafe. However, the ASL drive enables the E50 stair lift to operate in one fluid motion and stops only where you command it to stop.
  • Extensive Safety Features: The E50 stair lift is equipped with seven safety layers. Each safety layer enhances the protection the E50 offers, making it the safest stair lift in the world. The seven safety layers include armrest detection, one-handed seat belt operation, embedded call device, anti-squeeze sensors, emergency stop & lowering button, fold-away joystick and indicator lamps. In addition to this, the E50 is compliant with European home safety codes EN 81-40 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Ergonomic Design: The E50 has been designed to offer users luxury in comfort and craftsmanship. The seating of the stair lift affords a natural and gentle recline so that users feel the utmost comfort. When not in use, you can fold the E50 into a space-saving position with the manual or automatic folding button. This allows the staircase to remain uncluttered for the rest of the household. Lastly, the E50 is compatible for installation with all types of staircases, whether they are straight, curved, narrow, half-turn or spiral in nature.

Want this stair lift for your home? Contact Elite Elevators on (+60-3-2705 4171), the stair lift company in Malaysia.

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