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Altura home lift

E300 – The Best Home Elevator in the World

The E300 stands out with its exclusive Cogbelt technology and a shaft without rivets, putting it ahead by at least seven years compared to other elevators worldwide. While some elevator manufacturers may struggle to meet the current standards for home elevators outlined in MD 2006/42/EC and EN 81–41, the E300 has surpassed them by achieving SIL 3 certification. With the ability to remotely update and diagnose elevator issues through CANBUS, the E300 truly stands as the top choice for home lifts in the market.

Perks of E300 Home Lifts With Shaft For You

  • Operates using Single-Phase Power
  • Versatile Installation Options – Indoors or Outdoors
  • Facilitates Software Updates
  • Eliminates the Need for Oil or Lubrication
  • Equipped with CCT (Canbus Connection) Technology
  • No Requirement for Side Walls
  • Customizable Dimensions to Fit Your Needs
  • No Need for an Overhead or Machine Room
  • Requires only a 125 mm (5-inch) Pit/Step
  • Holds SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 3 Certification
  • Incorporates Revolutionary Breakthrough Technology
  • Includes AENS (Advanced Error Notifications System)
  • EGSSS Device for Extra Gentle Soft Start and Stop
  • Patented Metallic Shaft designed for Seismic Conditions
  • Can be Installed with Column/Beam or Supporting Structure
  • Requires No Front, Lateral, Opposite, or Adjacent Access
Altura home lift

Shaftless Option with E300


Opting for the E300 elevator without a shaft is also available. In this case, customers are required to either have an existing shaft or construct a 3-sided shaft using materials like bricks, steel, or reinforced concrete. We offer the option to supply and install an E300 lift within a dedicated or existing space. The shaftless E300 is a perfect choice for those who prefer to conceal their elevators or do not want a glass elevator shaft. These home lifts without a shaft are suitable for outdoor installations and can be finished with weather-resistant materials, making them resilient to harsh Malaysian weather conditions.

Altura home lift

Perks of Shaftless E300 Home Lifts for You

  • AENS (Advanced Error Notifications System)
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 3 Certification
  • 125 mm (5-inch) Pit/Step Needed
  • No Overhead/Machine Room Required
  • EGSSS Device (Extra Gentle Soft Start and Stop)
  • Tailor-Made Dimensions That Will Fit Your Requirements
  • Runs on Single-Phase Power
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Installation
  • Software Updates Enabled
  • No Oil/Lubrication Required
  • Front, Lateral, Opposite and Adjacent Access
  • Revolutionary, Breakthrough Technology
altura cogbelt home elevator

Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor Installation

The Elegance Cabin of our home lifts allows you to choose from numerous design options, including colors, textures, and accessories. Elevate your home’s aesthetic by selecting from various cabin styles, materials, and colors for the walls. Options range from satin and scratch-resistant steel to modern walls with textured and plain finishes or the vibrant RAL range.

In addition, the E300 offers finishes not found in any other residential lift. With TK Access Solutions home lifts, you can indulge in both style and comfort, enhancing your environment with captivating and contemporary lift design. Elite Elevator’s E-300 home lift remains a remarkable addition to any style of home across the country.

Elegance Cabin – Designer’s Choice

Our home lifts offer a near-limitless number of options that allow you to hand-pick every color, texture and accessory to make your home lift truly unique, reflecting your identity in every single detail. Choose from numerous cabin styles through an extensive range of materials and colors for the cabin walls. You can choose satin and scratch-resistant steel, or textured and plain finish modern walls, or opt for the vivacity of the infinite colors schemes in the RAL range, in a game where realizing your imagination will become as simple, as never before.

In addition, E 300 offers numerous other finishes not found on any other home lift. With the TK Access Solutions home lifts, you can finally treat yourself to all the style and comfort that you want, enhancing your environment with an extremely captivating and contemporary design object. E 300 home lift will prove to be a remarkable addition to your home. Our love of Italian design is proven in the numerous design options and available features.

Safety is our Paramount

All our home lifts are certified by globally recognized third parties. The E300 home elevator, with its Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 certified safety system, stands as the safest home lift on the market. Multiple systems contribute to our high safety standards, including the separation of the overspeed governor and brake from the main drive system. In the event of a power failure, the E300 continues to operate from a battery, ensuring safe descent to the ground floor. The Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system maintains healthy, undamaged batteries, always available during emergencies. The E300 is also compatible with home fire alarm systems for added protection during a fire.

Safety integrity level

What is a SIL 3 Certification?

We consider this level of safety for a home elevator absolutely mandatory, ensuring our customers, their kids, and elderly users remain safe. Our home elevators transport your loved ones safely and comfortably, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Safety integrity level

The Harmonious Hum With Every Move

The gearless drive system of the E300 is silent and efficient, offering unparalleled comfort and performance. Thanks to the double offset helix design, cogged belts minimize noise and vibrations while optimizing belt guidance over the pulley. The result is a high-performance addition to your home that you hardly even hear. In simpler words, the sound produced from this lift is measured to be less than a leaf moving.

The Harmonious Hum With Every Move

The gearless drive system of the E300 is silent and efficient, offering unparalleled comfort and performance. Thanks to the double offset helix design, cogged belts minimize noise and vibrations while optimizing belt guidance over the pulley. The result is a high-performance addition to your home that you hardly even hear. In simpler words, the sound produced from this lift is measured to be less than a leaf moving.

Crafting Bespoke Customized Dimensions

Understanding that every house is sized, built, and styled uniquely, we supply elevators designed to fit seamlessly into any type of home. Every home elevator we install is tailor-made to suit your exact requirements. With more than 200 years in operation, TK Access Solutions maintains stringent engineering and manufacturing standards that ensure all home elevators are built to precise tolerances of just 1mm. These manufacturing standards and our state-of-the-art drive systems guarantee the best cabin-to-shaft ratio, a feat that won us an award for the world’s most compact home elevators.

Type of Access

Did you ever thought entering and exiting the lift on different directions was either Impossible or complicated? Not anymore with the TK Access Solutions E 300 Cogbelt Home Elevator. We can give you mixed combination and possibilities to play with your imagination. Find below for the different type of access possible with a diagram for easy understanding.

frontal lift access
adjacent lift access
lateral lift access
opposite lift access

No Oil/Lubrication Required

In a conventional elevator, monthly oiling and lubrication are mandatory. However, Elite Elevators’ home lifts have done away with this requirement. Minimizing the difficulty and frequency of servicing is just one of the ways we make our lifts better suited to home and apartment buildings. Since home elevators often see far less use than commercial ones, TK Access Solutions has developed Grease Less Rail (GLR) technology that runs flawlessly and only requires servicing once every four months. This makes living with a lift easier than ever. Also, forgoing the need for lubrication prevents dust accumulation – one of the leading causes of squeaky or noisy elevators.

Advanced Error Notification System

This is an on-board computer that monitors your elevator 24X7, the graphical display will allow the user to understand the type of error / notification from the elevator. This technology does not just let you know what the problem is but smart enough to even bring your elevator to a complete stop if required. Also helps our Engineers to diagnose the elevator in a simplified and efficient way, saving a lot of time and resources.

Extra Gentle Soft Start and Stop (EGSSS)

TK Access Solutions home elevators are popular for the SSS (Soft Start and Stop) technology introduced in our hydraulic home elevators. The invention behind the EGSSS (Extra Gentle Soft Start and Stop) is a stunning engineering solution that delivers smoothness to an elevator. The EGSSS technology is simple to demonstrate via the Glass of Water Test. For the test, we placed a full glass of water in the elevator and operated it. You’ll see that even a ripple does not form on the surface during the elevator’s operation. See our EGSSS system demonstrated in the video below.

revolutionary lift technology

Revolutionary Technology Breakthrough

With the Patented Cogbelt technology along with a rivet less shaft, E 300 home elevators are at least, 7 years ahead of other elevator manufacturers globally. While other elevator manufacturers are fining difficult to even match the current standards of home elevator as per MD 2006 42 EC and EN 81 – 41, E 300 home elevator has set unmatched level of standards by getting a SIL 3 Certification. Possibility of updating the elevator and option to diagnose the elevator remotely using the Canbus Connection, leads E 300 to dominate the Home Elevator Industry with no doubt.

lift software

Software updates Enabled

With the push of a button, you can update your lift as easily as your mobile phone with the latest features and options. All E300 elevators are equipped with upgradeable software. Every time new software is released, your lift can be updated, giving you access to the latest features and ensuring your elevator never becomes old or outdated.

lift software

Canbus Connection Technology

With the help of CCT (Canbus Connection Technology) we are able to diagnose your elevator from even a remote location, without the need of the engineer’s presence at your site. CCT not only diagnoses but also allows us to take preventive care to ensure your lift and other functionalities of the lift are always at its optimal function. Also, this option reduces the downtime of your elevator nearly to never.

What is a Machine Room / Over Head Room?

what is a machine

Old school, conventional lifts have a separate room that has to be constructed in the top of your last floor exclusively to store and maintain the motors, electrical and electronical components of the elevators, However since 1992 the option of Over Head Room was introduced where there is a significant loss of space at the top of your last floor. However, the need of a proper room has been eliminated. In TK Access Solutions home elevators the minimum headroom required is only 2,250 mm (On selected Models). This allows our customers to fit our elevator even in a tight space or for some customers to even utilize the space above the lift for storage.

What is PIT?

Elite Elevators offers a range of options that can be installed with minimum pit depths of 50mm to 140mm, depending on the chosen model and configuration. The shallow pits make our home elevators more compact and easy to install without special foundation requirements.

Activates With Single-Phase Power

A single-phase power supply is ideal for our home elevators because all the energy that you require for the product to activate is very little. I.e, the energy is consumed only for the ascend of the lift and not during the descent of the lift. Despite using single-phase power, TK Access Solutions home elevators consume minimal electricity for quiet and efficient operation.

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