Access Solutions for Seniors – Stairlifts in Malaysia

Access Solutions for Seniors – Stairlifts in Malaysia


Elite Elevators in partnership with TK Access Solutions Access will take you home upstairs in Malaysia. This stair lift, also known as a stair wheelchair, is a perfect solution in situations where climbing stairs is hard work. As an award-winning product, these homemade chairlifts can easily climb the most complex stairs. These battery-operated stair steps have patented realigned seats and revolutionary swivel technology, so you’ll always be in front of the stairs at every turn or curve. Our home stair lifts can be installed in any house in a few hours and do not take up much space on the stairs. They can be installed indoors or outdoors using straight curved and spiral stairs as required. Although the vast majority of stair lift users are elderly, it is wrong to say that they are the only ones who benefit. Strikers can be very useful for people who can take advantage of a stair lift, regardless of age. This allows for temporary installation as the stair lifts are attached to the ladder itself instead of the wall. Some people think that a stair lift can only be installed on a straight staircase. However, there are some stair lift designs for curves and small catches. The stair lifts are safe to use and mechanically activated.

A stair lift is a solution for the elderly and disabled. A motor rail attached to the ladder moves the seat up and down. The person must be seated in a chair, quickly fasten the seat belt and can switch on or off with the button. Most of our stair lifts can be folded neatly, with safety edges, control box, armrest and seat belt. We have several models of stair options depending on your needs. The Stair Lifts are imported from Italy, TK Access Solutions supplies wheelchair lifts and stair lifts and also comply with European safety standards.

Elite Elevators in Malaysia offers wheelchair lifts with EGSS (Extra gentle smooth start stop) that help to avoid vibrations while traveling. Many people think that their chair stair lift only works on electricity, but it does not. Although the elevator requires electric facilities at the top or bottom of the stairs to connect, it is actually battery powered. This means that when the power goes out, you can use the stair lift repeatedly to navigate between the different levels of your home. In fact, most stairs have more than enough space to fit an elevator. After installing a stair lift you will notice that there is still enough room for others to use the stairs if necessary. In addition, many stair lifts have the option to fold up the armrests, seat and footrest of the chair at the top and bottom of the stairs, creating more space. An accessible kitchen concept designed to help the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users to move and work freely in the kitchen. The kitchen concept gives the user access to kitchen cabinets and worktops by means of simple controls to adjust the height vertically from top to bottom.

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